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Although I will continue this blog, most of my new postings will be in one of my Flipboard magazines.
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Cenk Uygur blasts Supreme Court for forcing political protesters into a ‘f*cking cage’

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Earth to America

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John Oliver: “Preventing Cable Company F_ _kery” (must see video)

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The Starck Club – Birthplace of the Rave

It all started at the Notorious STARCK CLUB

THE STARCK CLUB | Unofficial Trailer

Confessions of an Ecstasy Advocate

“Sex, Drugs, & Design: Warriors of the Discotheque”

“The Starck Club” w/ Dennis Bishop, Melina McKinnon and Michael Cain

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The Xenophobes Among Us


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Snowden’s German TV Interview

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Amazing! Simply Amazing!

This is perhaps the most amazing video that I have ever seen. (Video shot about two miles from where I live.)

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The Bitcoin Technology Revolution

Forget about Bitcoin, the money. It is MUCH larger than that. This is the biggest revolution since the Web. Pay Attention!

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Let’s Not Forget To Keep Laughing

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